Artsuite KAAMOS AURINKO _ Winner darcawards London 2019!


Being  part of  the design team together with Frank Dittmann/CH and Katharina Wyss/CH,  ALLES oder Licht is very proud to be among the winners of this years (d)arc awards in London.

Thank you  for voting for us!

The arctic summer sun is hibernating in the ICEHOTEL, north of the polar circle in Swedish Lapland. It is in this icy nest that it found shelter during dark winter months. The anteroom is welcoming the visitor illustrating winter’s darkness in ephemeral colours of polar twilight. By passing a threshold, guests will enter the temple of the midnight sun, where warm light hues fill the bedroom’s dome. Within its pure materiality of light and snow Kaamos Aurinko is juxtaposing the two extreme seasons of the north. The visitor can experience at once the polar winter night and the summer’s warm midnight sun creating an ephemeral interplay of colours embedded into a seamless space of ice and snow.

28th November 2018 – 13th of December 2018: realization of Art Suite 206

16th of December 2018: public opening at  ICEHOTEL#29, Jukkasväri Sweden



Team: Veronika Mayerböck, Katharina Wyss, Frank Dittmann

Veronika Mayerböck/AT – ALLES oder Licht: Head of project, lighting design, concept, spatial design, realization on site

Katharina Wyss/CH: Concept, spatial design, realization on site

Frank Dittmann/CH – Frank Dittmann Szenografie und Architektur ( Concept, support planning/ spatial design, realization on site

Simon Laburda/AT: Support IT

Lighting Suppliers: Lumitech