Oct / November 2014

Cooperation for elaboration of performative public Intervention & Performance for IPSE Project by “Ortlos Architekten” Graz at MEDIA-ARCHITECTURE_BIENNALE Aarhus

February 2014

Lighting & Spaceinstallation/ Performance  “trash on // on contemprification”  for FORUM STADTPARK Graz

March 2013

Lightinstallation & Multimediaperformance “Bodyscapes” at FORUM STADTPARK Graz (15&16.3.2013) in cooperation with David Pirro /IEM Graz and Simon Laburda/ Vienna

July 2012

Performing “Bodyscapes” at OPEN CUBE CONCERT , Institute for Electronic Music (IEM) Graz together with David Pirro(A/I) and Simon Laburda/Vienna.

November 2011

Performing “Bodyscapes_corpophonolux ” in the scope of  APPIA LAB  at Cynetart Festival Hellerau/Dresden

May 2011

Installative Performance “Living Rooms.chronologies of space” with Gisela Heredia (Arg/A) for the exhibition opening  of “Interaction Architecture” at Gödör Club, Budapest, Hungary

February 2011

Soloevening at Posthof Linz with “Bodyscapes_corpophonolux” and other performance works:  “A_SLEEP.would you listen” and “BOA SORTE.(Good Luck!)”

May 2010

Residency for Electronic Arts Festival „Arts on Wires“, Oslo/Norway  (www.art-on-wires.org)

June,July 2005 “Cosmogarden3”  in cooperation with the GrandsAteliers/ Biennale de l’art contemporain Lyon; conception and construction of stage design for a multimedia performance together with the japanese artist Aki Kuroda.

February/March 2006

Participation at the Exhibition “Lumiere sonore” at Science Museum Parc des Aventures Scientifiques at Frameries/Belgium 2006 with  lighting installation Phonolux 02; (further leading of workshops for children about light/sound/movement and spatial perception.)

December 2005

Participation at Beneflux – Lighting Exhibition. in Bruxelles/Belgium with the lighting installation “Phonolux 01”

December 2004 Light installations “Autumn Leaves” and “endless Space” for « Fête des Lumieres 2004 » in the Galleries des Terreaux, Lyon/France;