Teaching Experience ::: University Cooperations / Lectures/ Workshops

Wintersemester 2014/2015

Research Cooperation with Prof Dr. Guilherme Wood & Dr. Matthias Witte with students of FM3 Modul at Institut für Psychology/Arbeitskreis Neuropsychology, KFU Graz. Testworkshops with students for our “TOOLKit Project”

July 2014

Lighting Design Workshop “Choreographing Light: Lightart & Performance” for Dancers, Performers, Architects at MOE Vienna

April 2014

Guestworkshop “Choreographing Space – Sensorische Wahrnehmungsräume in der Architektur” & Gastkritik at Institut für Kunst und Gestaltung, Architekturfakultät TU-Wien/ Christine Hohenbüchler.

July/ August 2013

Workshop “Choreographing Light: Lightart & Performance” for Dancers, Performers, Architects at IMPULSTANZfestival Vienna,

November 2012

WOrkshop“Raumexperimente” at Institut für Raumgestaltung/TU-Graz: “RaumTEXperimente” is focussing on the connection between bodymovement, space, texture and light
(Sponsor: 2F Hotellicht, invited guestartist textile designer Mag.art Marie Lenoble(A)

April 2012

“Raumlabor” in cooperation with Mag.art Marie Lenoble/ Gymnasium Wasagasse, Vienna: Combining movement, perception of space and architecture with “Textiles Werken”, elaborating and fabrication of movable textile installations together with the students.

October 2011

Invitation to join Raumexperimente “Listening Light.Composing Space” together with DI Dr Franziska Hederer, Institut für Raumgestaltung , TU-Graz; introducing my Bodywear of “Bodyscapes to the students and make them work on lighting design and soundspecific movement

August 2011

Lecture & Workshop “Choreographing Light” – Lightingdesign for Dancers and artists at Stockholm Fringe Festival, Kulturhuset Stockholm

July/Aug 2010

Lectures on my diplomathesis and the project “Bodyscapes” within International Choreolab Austria at Donauuniversity Krems; further within the scope of Impulstanz 2010 for Choreographer’s Venture Project „Socialmovements“ by Amanda Pina.

February 2009 Guestcritic for final workshop presentation within the course Lightingdesign by Rogier van der Heide/ARUP (Guestprofessor at Institut für Raumgestaltung TU-Graz 2008/09).

September 2009

Coaching for lightingdesign and dramaturgy for performers in the scope of „Sprungbrett Tanz“ Festival at TTZ Graz.

February 2006

Leading of workshopateliers for children about light/sound/movement and spatial perception In the scope of the Exhibition “Lumiere sonore” at Science Museum Parc des Aventures Scientifiques at Frameries/Belgium (exhibited work: lighting installation Phonolux 02)

October 2003 – June 2004

Student’s Assistance at Institut für Raumgestaltung the Technical University of Graz; Leading single workshops for students about “Dance+Space Perception” as well as in “Lighting Design”; preparing activities for lectures and presentations by institute members, further homepage update and archive.